Kellerei Kurtatsch. The Kurtatsch winery is a cooperative winery where the members do the vineyard work: 190 members scrupulously cultivate 190 hectares in accordance with strict quality standards. The vineyards are located in a municipality that lies at altitudes between 220 and 900 meters (mainly located on steep slopes with an exceptional complexity of soil) which is unique in South Tyrol. The different grape varieties find optimal growing conditions through the varying exposures of the terrain and every wine is characterized by its terroir – a term that incorporates all of the climatic, geological and geographical characteristics. Land by land.

Colli Di Poianis. At Colli di Poianis, Gabriele realized his father’s dream: to create unique wines from the land where he grow up. Together with Maura, his wife, they planted Indigenous grapes like the Schioppettino, Ribolla Gialla, Friulano and Pinot Grigio as well as international grapes. The soil and the weather of this area and passion of Gabriele and Maura is the perfect mix to create exceptional wines.

Domenico Fraccaroli. In 1958 Domenico Fraccaroli started his business in a “small piece of Paradiso” in Friuli Venezia Giulia (Paradiso di Pocenia, Udine). In 2002, this time in Verona, in a small town called Lavagno, his son Tiziano Fraccaroli decided to widen the range of products with the most refined wines of the area, and that is how Grotta del Ninfeo wines was born, achieving several rewards and quality certificates. Currently his sons Domenico and Luca and his daughter Maria are actively contributing to the company and  brand success with a great commitment and passion, strengthened by the cultural and working legacies of their grandfather Domenico and father Tiziano.which put refinement, elegance and respect of tradition first.

Roccat. The Codello family for three generations have been working the land and its abundant fruit. Roccat (old name of the area) make use of all the family's experience, starting with both grandad Antonio and uncle Luigi's knowledge of cultivating the vineyards, through Clemente, the owner, ending with his son Manuel, co-owner and winemaker, that takes care of the wine cellar: from the vinification to the sparkling process. Nowadays Roccat has approximately seven acres of vineyards situated at 250 meters above sea level cultivated almost interely with Glera, the grape used to produce Prosecco kind. The extremely high quality of the production allow Roccat to produce ONLY Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G. Prosecco.

Azienda Agricola Olivetta. The Olivetta winery is situated amongst the rolling hills of the Monferrato, between the city of Moncalvo and the Sacred Mount of Crea (Sacro Monte di Crea). Since four generations,we produce and bottle our own wine, following the tradition that ensures high quality. Not only are the vineyards looked after with great care and enthusiasm, but also each procedure involved in wine-making (vinification) is followed making the most of valuable technical knowledge, resulting in high quality wines which reflect and represent the land….

Azienda Agricola Generaj. Generaj is the nickname that was once attributed to the Viglione family, owners of the estate. The vineyards are all located in the municipality of Montà, in the Roero are in Piedmont. Here the composition of land is varied and changes from red to sand clods through limestone gravel-mixed soil.  The solar altitude and exposure are the other elements that play to foster a micro or "terroir" that can be used wisely for maximum quality.  That is why on our labels are the name of the vineyard, selected specifically for the characteristics considered optimal for that wine.

Cantina Braschi. The wine production in Emilia-Romagna is a centenary art and Cantina Braschi, for over 70 years, tells the story of this passion that feeds on patient care of its vineyards of Tenuta del Gelso Estate in Bertinoro , Podere Montesasso inMercato Saraceno and Campo San Mamante in Cesena, situated on the hills where you can observe the Adriatic sea.

Azienda Agricola Bartoli Giusti. Bartoli Giusti is one of the most ancient family of Montalcino and cultivates vineyards  from centuries. The farm “Tenuta Comunali”  has a surface 125 hectares on the hills that look towards Montalcino, but just 12 hectares (located in the Brunello area) are vineyard with only Sangiovese grapes. Today the company is run by the brothers Gino Antonio and  Anna Maria Focacci, keepers of an ancient traditions and also promoters of great technological innovations. The handpicked grapes are carefully selected both in the vineyard and in the cellar. The altitude of vineyards is 300-350 meters a.s.l., and the great excursion in temperature between day and night determine the particular richness of aromatic nuances of the wines produced in this area.

Paradisone Colle Degli. The wines of Colle degli Angeli (“Angels’ Hill”) were first crafted from Attilio Locati, for sharing with family and friends, and you have to see to believe this Tuscan Eden. He was an outsider in Montalcino (the first vintage was the 2007 released in 2012), but Immediately received international recognition. Using his words: “The joys of tasting are not only physical but spiritual: the closeness to nature we feel when making or tasting wine allows us to reach total well-being and harmony.

Querceto di Castellina. “Great wine is made in the vineyard” This is a phrase used often and one we whole-heartedly believe to be true. It is the reason we focus mainly on those grape varieties that best express Querceto’s terroir, like Sangiovese. It’s also why we apply organic techniques for managing our vineyards, a choice dictated by our dedication to producing wines of high quality without chemical treatment or changing the surrounding environment.

Fattoria il Canneto. Fattoria il Canneto started with a challenge: to make great wines in San Miniato near Pisa. Fattoria Il Canneto is located in an historic farm house of 17th century sited in one of the most pitoresque area of Tuscany, with 15 hectars of vineyards of Sangiovese, Merlot and Colorino.

Fattoria Il Muro. The land of Fattoria il Muro estate has always been best known for producing excellent wines. The villa, which was  already mentioned  at the official land register in 1804, is situated at the top of a hill which slopes gently down towards the valley of the Castro stream. In the early 1970s agronomist Francesco Pancaro, transformed and modernized the estate to specialize in grape growing. His son, Federico, who runs the estate and carries on his father’s passion for wine, renovated  winery  and the vineyards, keeping up the old traditions. According to this philosophy enthusiasm  and love for the nature and respect for the environment are the only possible recipe to produce great wines, and for the same reason Fattoria il Muro uses only the grapes from their own vineyards

Azienda Agricola Le Fornacelle. Fornacelle is a very small vineyard owned by Marco Giusti, a farmer that personally take care of all the sides of the production. Fornacelle focus on the Vernaccia di San Gimignano docg, produced in just 6000 bottles per year.

Azienda Agricola Poggio Maestrino. The history of Poggio Maestrino and the territory, heart of the production zone of the Morellino di Scansano, embeds its roots in the Etruscan-Roman period. The winery has twenty hectares grafted into a ground which is rather rocky, at an altitude that ranges between 350 and 450 metres above sea level in the most prestigious wine area of Maremma, southern Tuscany. Poggio Maestrino/Spiaggiole embodies one of the happiest expressions of a territory with great wine-growing and cultural potential.

Leuta. When Denis and Enzo, Longtime business partners and school friends, in 2001 realized, that they had been "dreaming and desiring" a different life; their fathers had cultivated tobacco and grapes in the Trentino area and they wanted to live the same way, so the men decided to focus their efforts on Tuscany creating LEUTA in the Cortona area. In just a few years Leuta’s Syrah, Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc have been recognized with awards and high ratings all over the world. The unbelievable success, convinced Denis and Enzo to start a new adventure in their native region (Trentino Alto Adige) producing now fantastic also white wines.

Terre di Eva. Terre di Eva is a “Pink Winery”: Valentina is developing this project carried on just by women. The winery is located in the heart of the province of Chieti, amid those hills that drop gently down from the Majella mountains to the sea.

Cantine Miali. The secular tradition of Cantine Milai rises from the generous land of Apulia, land of the shady woods, of amid bright "trulli" and old farmsteads. A special collection of wines with the love and traditions and the typical arts of this land.

Fontana Delle Selve. The Winery Fontana delle Selve born in Castelvenere at the end of 90’s, resuming the ancient vinegrowing of Falato family. The engagement around which winery has been constructed takes unavoidably origin from the viticultural area of Castelvenere, an ancient village of medieval origin. All its area, today symbol of Sannio vinegrowing, takes shape, colour and scent just around the vineyard, as the life of its inhabitants is vineyard-marked.

Tenuta Monte Ilice. Tenuta Monte Ilice is located in Sicily, in Etna Park, at an altitude of 700 metres above sea level, on the steep slopes of Mount Ilice, an extinct crater. A place of poetic beauty where viticultura eroica or "heroic viticulture" has always been practiced with dedication. The vineyard , (four hectares that had been totally abandoned for years), was recovered by saving many of the original vines and replanting local grape varieties. After its first wine, the winery took the first step of a broader project dedicated to hospitality, green tourism and traditional cuisine, with a particular emphasis on physical and spiritual well-being.

Fratelli Rovero. An old tiny church from 1880, surrounded by small houses, a big courtyard, the distillery and the cellars, is the oldest memory of the first years of activity of the Rovero winery & distillery. Now the last two generation of Rovero are in charge to carry on the family business focusing on the respect of the environment (Rovero is certified organic on all the productio ) and the exceptional care for quality of their artisanal products.

Micheal Arnould & Fils. The winemaking roots of the Michel ARNOULD family date back to the end of the last century. Today, Patrick Arnould is carrying on this family tradition. He assert their identity as Propriétaire-récoltant(Owners and Producers) by developing the commerce started by their elders and by creating just Grand Cru based on Pinot Noir grapes, in area of Verzenay, that whit its peculiar soil and weather, help create wines with uncomparable complexity, structure and strength.


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